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Join Us! We need YOU to help us help others.

Ask nearly any member of a volunteer EMS squad and you’ll hear how fulfilling it can be to make such a positive difference to your neighbors when they most need help.  We respond to provide basic medical evaluation and care and safe emergency transportation to local hospitals whenever a medical emergency arises in our territory.

To join our squad and ride as a crew member, you must hold or obtain a New Jersey Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) certification. This entails completing a training program that is approximately 180 hours in length. Classes vary in scheduling to accommodate the wide needs of prospective members. Also, CPR certification at the Professional Rescuer or Healthcare Provider level is needed to take the EMT class to to maintain EMT certification.   No special medical background is needed – most of us were healthcare “rookies” when we joined.  The training program isn’t hard, and it teaches everything you’ll need to be a great EMT.

Learn more now by getting in touch with us.  We will help you become a member and provide you with the necessary enrollment information for the class that you select. As long as you have been approved for membership, you may be eligible to have training costs paid or reimbursed.  Contact us today by email at , or call (908) 647-1145.

If you wish, you can download and complete this Membership Application before coming meeting with us to discuss the rewarding opportunities available at the Liberty Corner First Aid Squad.

There will certainly be many questions that you will have, before as well as during your training, and we will make sure that there will always be someone from the squad available to get the answers for you. However, we have listed below, brief answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much time will I be expected to put in once I become a member?
Being that the squad is a private volunteer organization, we take care of all of our business in a democratic fashion. This includes the election of officers. Therefore in order to be a “voting” member you must put in a minimum of 30 hours per month, on average, of which 6 hours must be weekend time. We do have members who are unable to fulfill this requirement and therefore put in less time.

Do I have to stay at the Squad building during my duty time?
No. Being on duty means that you have committed on the schedule to stay within our coverage zone and be available to respond to calls.

How do I know when there is a call?
You will be issued a pager that is activated by a dispatcher. This pager is like a one way radio in that you will be able to hear the information being broadcast. You will hear the location as well as the nature of the situation. If you are on duty you will respond to the building to get the rig (ambulance).

What if I don’t know where a street is that we’ve been dispatched to?
You will be issued an alphabetical street directory that describes the location of every street in our town. In addition, all of our ambulances are equipped with GPS guidance systems for navigation. Our dispatchers can also assist with navigation if needed.

In the beginning will there be someone there to help me?
Absolutely, during your “probationary period” you will be closely guided to ensure that you are comfortable with what you are doing.

How long is the probationary period?
It is a minimum of 6 months from the time that you start riding on calls. At that point a review by the Captain and Trustees will take place to decide if more indoctrination is needed.

If I am already an EMT or Paramedic coming from another organization will I also go through the probationary period?
Yes, we feel this time is necessary for your familiarization with our operation.

How often do you have meetings?
Our business meetings are held monthly on the first Wednesday at 8pm. We also have a “drill” (training) night on the 3rd Wednesday of each month. Again, in order to be a voting member you are required to attend 50% of both the business and training meetings.

What kind of calls can I expect to see?
We do cover a portion of Route 78, and do have our share of motor vehicle accidents, but most of our calls are of the medical nature (Difficulty Breathing, etc.).

What if I came upon a situation that I couldn’t handle?
You will be very surprised at how much your confidence level will go up after you complete your training. However, there is always the possibility that there could be a situation that may bother you. Notify the “Crew Chief” on the call of your problem and he/she will reassign your present duty. There is usually enough personal on the scene to cover if the need be.

Will I have to buy any equipment or uniforms?
No, everything you need will be provided by the squad.



The Liberty Corner First Aid Squad
N.J.D.O.H. or National Registry E.M.T. Certification
ARC or AHA CPR – BLS Healthcare Provider
DOT Ambulance operations, ambulance and equipment familiarization