Who Are We?
We are a 100%-volunteer first aid squad providing round-the-clock emergency medical services to our neighbors, businesses and visitors in an area that covers roughly 70% of the geography and population of Bernards Township, NJ – from The Hills to the Spring Ridge/Dewy Meadow Village area; and from the William Annin School/Lyons Mall area down to the Pingry School. As residential and commercial development has increased in our area, so has the demand for our services. Over the past few years, our squad has responded, on average, to approximately 1100 emergency calls per year.
What Do We Do?
Ambulance InteriorAll of our members live in the community and are certified Emergency Medical Technicians, responding to help infants with seizures, school children with sports injuries or asthma attacks, motorists injured in collisions, or adults with heart attacks, diabetic emergencies or strokes. There is no limit to the kinds of calls we receive, and we are trained to deal with all of them by providing initial medical assessment and treatment, coordinating the delivery of more advanced paramedic services where needed, and transporting patients safely and quickly to area hospitals for definitive care.

Our purpose is to help save lives, but we also help save taxes. We do not get paid for our services; we never charge for our services, and we receive no funding from Township tax revenues. We rely entirely on donations for the money we need to buy, maintain and operate our ambulances, to acquire the medical and communications equipment and supplies we use, and for training to assure that we continue to deliver the highest quality emergency medical services.
What Can You Do To Help?
More than anything, WE NEED YOU! A volunteer first aid squad cannot exist without enough volunteers, and we need more members to help us keep pace with the growing demand for our services. No special physical or academic capabilities are needed – we really are “ordinary people” doing “extraordinary work.” As all of our members know, serving on the squad is an extremely satisfying and worthwhile way to be involved in the community and help people when they need it most. After completing a 180-hour class program and passing a certification exam, free of charge to you, all you need is a few hours a week and a desire to help your community. To find out more about becoming a member of our squad contact us by phone at 908-647-1145 or contact us┬áby email.

Of course, we also rely on you for the financial support we require to serve the community, so we thank you in advance for your generosity when we conduct our annual fund drive in the 4th quarter of each year, or at any time. Tax-deductible contributions can be mailed to us at Liberty Corner First Aid Squad, P.O. Box 57, Liberty Corner, NJ 07938.

2017 Officers

Line Officers

Administrative Officers

Captain: Leslie Ludlow
President: Mark Rosenblum
Training Lt.: Charlotte Flohl Vice President: Don Hart
Ambulance Lt.: Greg Taylor Treasurer: Elaine French
Secretary: Colleen Bondy
Exec. Comm. Chair: Dave Lai-Len